4 Tips To Get Things Done When You’re Busy

Technology was ideally meant to make things easy so that you can spend time doing things that you wanted to do. But that’s far from true. We’re now working longer hours, spending less time with loved ones, and yet struggling financially. If you’ve joined an online course and simultaneously managing too many things, here are three tips to help you get things done: Stay in the moment: Mindfulness is an important exercise to practice, especially if you have an overactive mind. Choose a task to complete mindfully and leave the rest to the next day. If you’re writing an introduction …Read More

Here’s Why You Have More Time Than You Think


Are you one of those who’re always complaining about being perpetually busy? In fact, being busy is the new status symbol, with people often equating being busy with productivity. Have you ever kept track of how many hours you work? A recent study compared how many hours people thought they worked against how many hours they worked. The results were an eye opener – while most thought they worked for around 60-70 hours every week, they worked for an average of only 44.2 hours! Try keeping a time log to help you track of how many hours you work every …Read More

How Do Online Classes Work


Online classrooms have gained popularity these days. It usually encompasses listening to lectures, group assignments, and all the things involved in the traditional face-to-face classroom. Let’s take a look at some of the learning activities we generally encounter in online courses: • Discussion boards: It allows you respond to a question posed by the instructor and to each other’s posts in your own time. • Reading lists: Reading is necessary for all type of online classes. From textbook chapters to scholarly articles, you are required to read and comprehend the material thoroughly so that it will be easy for you …Read More

Still Pursuing Traditional Degree Program?


Millions of students continue to pursue their degree through traditional colleges. They choose universities based on its employability rates. But the truth is both (employability rates and traditional degrees) no longer go hand in hand. Today, most universities are trying to meet employers’ needs through innovative courses. However, half of those conventional universities do nothing to get students work-ready. Students rarely understand how businesses operate and what they can contribute. Some universities are still teaching in the old fashioned way which is not what we want in the 21st century. How Online Education Beneficial To Students? It’s important to choose …Read More

Why Do Online Education Is Suitable For Working Adults


Online education is well suitable for older students balancing education with work, family, and other obligations. It helps them meet educational and career goals. There are many reasons why online education is the best option for working adults. Some of them are: 1. No commutes It’s impossible for fulltime professionals to attend regular classes. Online learning makes it easy for them to take up a course. Students can study from anywhere and at anytime. Yes, you can log on to your class early in the morning or late at night, or whenever you find time. 2. Flexibility Online classes allow …Read More