Acquiring Assignment Discipline


Developing the discipline to complete assignments on time can be a big challenge for new students, but the following strategies can help you acquire these skill. Checklist Create a schedule to make a note of things that need to get completed on a daily basis. The list should also mention deadlines for each assignment so that you give priority to the upcoming deadlines. Check every task off the list after you complete them. The checklist routine will provide a sense of completion and make you feel a sense of completion at the end of each day. Partners & Study Groups …Read More

How To Avoid Study Burnout


If you’re among the millions of online student dealing with a demanding schedule, you could be at risk of suffering from burnout. It’s something that’s sadly common for students. Burnout is a state of being; it takes a while to get things back on track. It doesn’t happen overnight. The good news is that you can recognize the symptoms of burnout and take steps towards prevention. Causes of Burnout The first step to prevent burnout is to figure out, what exactly causes burnout. A 2006 study at the University of Southern Maine surveyed more than 350 students and found the …Read More

How To Write A Good Essay


We have all at some point in our academic life struggled to write a good essay. Quality content takes time and effort. We list out a few strategies to help you write an effective essay: Flip Your Script What you believe about yourself determines what you will achieve in life. Self-belief is essential for success in life. For example, if you convince yourself that you are a slow learner, you will remain a slow learner for life. Our subconscious mind is very powerful; it forces us to act the way we think. Before you begin, flip your internal dialogue by …Read More

Tips For Creating A Study Schedule For Your Final Exams


There are a few things that you should remember when creating a study schedule. These include: 1. Minimize time spent procrastinating and maximize effective study time 2. Manage your health and stress levels With these guiding principles in mind, start scheduling with the help of Google Calendar. • Check your college website to know exam dates and times. Note them on your calendar. • Know the format of each exam • Know your homework assignments or projects that are due during the exam week. Figure out the best way to balance the projects/assignments with study sessions. • Take stock of …Read More

12 Surprising Facts & Figures About Online Learning


Web based learning has revolutionized education; it has enabled millions of people to receive an education without having to leave their house. It was Jay Cross, an American futurist who promoted the e-learning concept during the late 90’s. Here are some facts about e-learning that you did not know: Fact 1: The E of e-learning was not only intended to signify electronic but also as exciting, energetic, enthusiastic, emotional, extended, excellent and educational. (Source: Origin Learning) Fact 2: There are more than 130 billion online students on the earth. Moodle alone reported that 25 million registered students have enrolled in …Read More