Course compass help

Course compass being a web based course delivery program comes with a student quick start guide that helps in registering and enrolling courses. Course compass help is essential for finding course materials such as Announcements assignments and assessments. With the help section, one can be able to deliver and pick assignments using the Digital drop box. The course compass help provides a clear path of participating in online lectures or class discussions by the use of the virtual classroom or discussion board tool.
The course compass help located on the right corner of any course compass page opens in a separate browser window. It usually takes quite some time to open thus calling for patience.
It comes with four essential buttons
The Content button is used to display help books with their topics in sequential order. To open a book, one can click the book icon and then click on the page icon to view whichever topic one desires. Clicking the book icon again results in the closure of the book.
The index buttons lets one search topics contained in books. There are two options for searching topics in the books, one can fast search a phrase or peruse through the entire listing. By double clicking your desired topic, the topic will open in the right hand pane.
The search button is designed to help in searching words and phrases in the entire help system. Click go after typing a phrase you desire to view in the search button, for viewing more than one term Boolean operators can come hand in hand.
This is the last button in the course compass that displays lists of frequently searched terms and definitions.
Course compass program is one of the easiest computer programs that does not need extensive computer skills.