Course compass

Course compass is a specific learning environment hosted online on Jenzbar E-Racer and contains information supplied directly from the textbook. Course compass is online based and is usually available 24/7. This is an advanced form of learning in which course materials for easy learning across the world come hand in hand Some of the materials routinely provided by coursecompass include course syllabus, class handouts, discussion boards and online quizzes that can essentially be graded. Basic computer skills are what one essentially needs in order to enjoy this modern form of learning. Other basic course compass skills include intermediate typing skills, basic email skills. Course compass provides an easy online grade book in which students and instructors can use to track the progress of learning.

Course compass comes with lots of benefits that can be readily and easily enjoyed. Some of these materials include electronic copies of the course syllabus that are necessary for any significant learning process. This provides one ease of access of the study materials just at the touch of a button. Course compass also comes with an announcement section that keeps one up to date with the happenings of the course while away or assignment due dates.

Course compass also comes with an emailing service that can be used to mail tutors and fellow classmates. This essentially removes the requirement of keeping track of different email addresses. One of the most interactive ways of learning is by the use of discussion boards in which online discussions on course topics are essentially hosted. Discussion boards are essential in posting assignments and Homework for external help. Course compass help is also available on the right hand corner of each course compass program. The help section comes with content glossary and search buttons that are highly beneficial for beginners