Do Employers Value Online Degrees?


Does it matter to an employer if a candidate has completed a course in a classroom environment or online? Do employers value online degrees? Questions such as these may have been relevant a decade ago, but not today, given the number of students who prefer an online course over conventional learning.

The fact that students get to learn without quitting their job is probably the biggest draw of online learning. Around 81% of online learning students are employed with an average age of around 34 years says a study. A majority of these individuals are looking to rise up the career ladder or break into a new career. They want to do this with minimal interference to their job and without having to sit in an actual classroom. And thanks to services like ours, completing online assignments and tests is easy- call us and say, ‘take my online class’, or ‘do my homework’!
Unlike the situation a few years ago, today, employers are looking at online degrees favorably. Not many are interested in knowing if you’ve completed the course online or otherwise. But what matters, is your GPA and accreditation of the college. This is perhaps why employers prefer universities that offer regular and online courses, rather than those that exclusively offer online programs. In fact, some employers would prefer students with an online degree. Given the fact that the student has successfully juggled work, family, and academic commitments speaks a lot about his discipline.

But not every employer thinks so. Online courses do not afford the face-to-face interaction provided by classroom learning. They’re also wary of the several non accredited schools that have proliferated in recent years.