I Got Someone To Do My Homework- Does That Make Me A Cheater?

Got Someone-To-Do-My-Homework
‘Yes, and remember, cheaters never prosper’- my mom would say. And I would have concurred with her, had this been asked a few years ago. Time has taught that things aren’t always black and white, and that grey is okay. Cheating on homework isn’t new and often done by the academically inclined. A 2013 survey by Harvard found that nearly 42% of its surveyed students admitted to cheating on homework, exams, and other assignments. They did so to get into the prestigious Ivy League university.

Ideally, homework should be considered a learning tool and not related to grades. They should not be a measure to indicate the value of a student. But that’s rarely the case- in fact assignments have become an important factor for grades. Cheating on homework takes place in an online learning environment as well. Online class students often have an aspiring career to manage. In most cases, they’re already proficient in the subject at hand, and a degree is the only roadblock that stands between them and success. These students neither have the time to write essays or complete other homework assignments, nor the energy to read pages and pages of uninteresting textbooks. Some students may have not the will to study subjects that aren’t interesting yet an important part of their majors. In such instances, it makes sense to pay someone to do your online class or hire them to do your homework. At We Take Your Class, our aim is to help students in need.

As for the argument that cheating hinders learning, a lot depends on the homework assigned. Does the homework
contribute to the learning process? This is rarely the case. It is also important to understand that these students are neither lazy, nor cheats- they know the importance of conceptual understanding. Hiring someone to take your online class is just a smarter way to pursue your academic goals.