University of Phoenix

University of Phoenix is one of the larger providers of High education in North America. It is a for profit university located in Phoenix, Arizona. It was funded by Dr. John Sperling to provide high education to working learners who want to expand their knowledge and achieve a decent professional level. It is thus providing all the necessary tools for its enrollers. It offers more than 200 US locations. Moreover, it provides classes online in many countries around the world. Its success is due to bridging the gap between theory and practice so that students can apply what they studied once they work.

The university provides more than 20 degree programs in associates’, mater, bachelor’s and doctorate levels to students in more than 100 locations worldwide. The university Library is available to all students any time 24/7. The library contains about 30 000 books, 44 00 journals, and more than 250 informational repositories. The university has a Graduation Team that is available any time to support students during the entire educational program. Their graduate and undergraduate degree options by area contain Education, Business and Management, Nursing, Health Administration, Arts and Sciences, Technology, Psychology and Social Sciences and Criminal Justice and Security.

Enrolling at the University of Phoenix is simple and doesn’t take too much time. The first step is to fully fill in a form of Request for information. The form must be filled carefully and clearly so as the university advisors would have a clear idea about your needs and goals. After submission, one of the advisors will contact you and help you with the admission process. What is amazing is that the classes’ size is of an average of only 15 students to make sure you will get the attention needed. Also, enrollers at University of Foenix will learn collaboration skills as they will work in teams.